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What our clients say

December 2023

Embarking on a road trip with Eco-Tur was a captivating adventure that unveiled the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures of Angola. Our journey was meticulously planned by Paul, who showed exceptional patience and attention to detail, ensuring the trip was tailored to our diverse group's needs, from the youngest at 28 to our eldest at 72, including a pregnant woman. The highlight of our trip was our guide, Bruno, whose expertise and passion for Angola's history enriched our experience, guiding us through hidden gems and offering invaluable insights. We traversed through the awe-inspiring Lunar View Point, the majestic Binga Falls, and the serene Fazenda Rio Uiri. Our explorations took us from the historic coffee farms of Uku Seles to the mysterious Sassa Caves, the vibrant streets of Lobito, and the picturesque Benguela. The journey through the stunning landscapes of Tundavala Gorge and the engineering marvel of the Leba Pass was a testament to Angola's natural and constructed wonders. Our New Year's celebration in the ancient Namibe Desert, with its unique rock formations and red canyons, was unforgettable. This trip was not just about discovering new places; it was a journey in eco-conscious travel, subtly woven into our experience, reminding us of the beauty and fragility of our natural world. Eco-Tur's dedication to eco-tourism was evident in every aspect of our journey, from the selection of sites to the eco-friendly practices adopted throughout our travels. This trip offered us a profound connection to Angola, its landscapes, its people, and its culture, leaving us with memories we will cherish forever. Thank you, Eco-Tur, for an extraordinary journey that went beyond mere sightseeing to touch our hearts and minds.

— Lia Conceicao, Angola - 8 Day Angola Tour

December 2023

Deutsche - Der achttägige Ausflug durch Kwanza Sul, nach Lubango, Namibe und Lubito mit Eco Tur war der Höhepunkt der Angola-Reise. Bruno war ein ausgezeichneter Tourguide, Fahrer und Fotograf. Selbst meine angolanischen Schwiegereltern sind begeistert nach Luanda zurückgekehrt. English - The eight-day trip through Kwanza Sul, to Lubango, Namibe, and Lobito with Eco Tur was the highlight of the Angola trip. Bruno was an excellent tour guide, driver, and photographer. Even my Angolan in-laws returned to Luanda with enthusiasm.

— Malte Arhelger, Germany - 8 Day Angola Tour

December 2023

My holiday season in 2023 was made unforgettable thanks to Eco Tur. We explored the central and southern regions of Angola, where the beauty of each location was matched only by the excellence of our tour. Our guide, Bruno, was not only knowledgeable and skilled but also displayed remarkable kindness, going out of his way to assist travelers in need. The itinerary was thoughtfully curated by Paul, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience. I highly recommend Eco Tur for anyone looking for an amazing journey in Angola.

— Yala Hivernon, Angola - 8 Day Angola Tour

December 2023

We had a 8 days marvelous trip from Luanda to Namibie and the organization with Eco Tur was just perfect. Bruno is an excellent driver, excellent guide who loves his job and his country. He took care of us, shared a lot about nature, culture. It was such a great pleasure to travel with him. The hotels were very confortable. Thanks a lot. We do hope to come back soon to enjoy a new trip with you.

— Brigitte Fischman, France - 8 Day Angola Tour

December 2023

My holiday season in 2023 was made unforgettable thanks to Eco Tur. We explored the central and southern regions of Angola, where the beauty of each location was matched only by the excellence of our tour. Our guide, Bruno, was not only knowledgeable and skilled but also displayed remarkable kindness, going out of his way to assist travelers in need. The itinerary was thoughtfully curated by Paul, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience. I highly recommend Eco Tur for anyone looking for an amazing journey in Angola.

— YCH , Angola - 8 Day Angola Tour

December 2023

I really enjoyed the boat ride on the Kwanza River and the trip to Quissama National Park. The guide Diniz was exceptionally friendly. I strongly recommend Eco Tur. Thanks.

— Marta Fernandes, Portugal - Kissama Safari One day

November 2023

Dear Bruno. We did both enjoyed the tour yesterday and mostly we would like to thank you for your wonderful job, kindness and for all this valuable information you shared. We are grateful to be our tour guide in this beautiful part of the world - Angola Thank you Best regards

— Li and Tasos .., China and Cyprus - Kissama

October 2023

Hi Paul, It was splendid meeting you, and many thanks for such a wonderful trip. It was a pleasure travelling with Eco Tour ! I feel I learned a huge amount, and my love for Africa has grown ever stronger after the discovery of my first Portuguese-speaking country on the continent. Take care, and have a lovely Xmas season, All the best.

— Sarah .., Switzerland - Kalandula and Kissama

October 2023

What Sabine I appreciated a lot was the support we received from you during the planning phase of our individual tour and your precious advices and input to finalize the trip. It was great to have you as a local contact person for all the little things, such a SIM cards, VISA application, local money and so on. Those issues appear minor during planning, but often times those “little” things could be a show stopper at some point. Ted was a great choice for the tour in the south – he is a great person with a caring attitude. We experienced wonderful days and we always felt perfectly taken care of. The group of six (together with the Italian ladies) was a good fit. Still, we enjoyed the other two weeks a lot when we had the chance to travel individually at our own pace. To us, it was a perfect trip and Angola is a great destination. Every day was spectacular with new surprises. As mentioned, you can refer to us as a reference if that helps. Have a great day! Best, Fabian and Sabine Austria 15th Oct 2023

— Fabian Sabine, Austria - The ethnic groups in the South

October 2023

Peakbagging in Angola ! I visited Angola with Eco Tur in October 2023. Paul coordinated a 7-day trip for three of us to hike up the two highest peaks in Angola, Morro de Moco 8596’ and Serra da Neve 7710’. We had a friendly and skilled driver who knew the roads and villages very well. We were completely safe throughout the journey. Thanks for a great trip.

— David H., United States of America - 7 Day - Mount Moco and Snow Mountain

October 2023

A wonderful adventure! We did a 3 day tour. Miradouro da Lua, Kwanza River and Kissama Park on the 1st day. We didn't see a lot of animals (a couple of elephants in the distance, a few zebras, and bushbucks) but the scenery alone is worth it. And our driver was fantastic. We also loved the boat excursion on the Kwanza. Many lovely birds, including a Goliath Heron. Muxima and Pedras Negras on day 2, Kalandula Falls on day 3. Again, everything was perfectly organized. A very professional team, very pleasant and competent drivers, good accommodation, well thought-out programs. Thank you Paul Wesson!

— Sydonia .., Switzerland - 3 Day Tour - Kissama, Kalandula

October 2023

I went on a 3-day trip that included Kissama park, Pungo Andongo, and Kalandula Falls, besides some intermediate stops between these attractions. The tour covered large distances and landmarks that often lack infrastructure. In this context, the professionalism and preparedness of Eco Tur ensured that we could enjoy the attractions to their fullest. Every detail, from accommodation to drinks and food, was carefully taken care of by the Eco Tur team. Importantly, all precautions were taken to ensure client safety: the 4x4 Land Cruiser was in pristine condition, the drivers drove extremely safely, and they evinced deep knowledge of the context. In a context where tourism is still in its infancy, Eco Tur is a sure bet for anyone who wants to make the most of their time in Angola in a hassle-free way. I cannot recommend them enough.

— Nicolas L., London - Kalandula and Kissama

August 2023

Good evening, Paul, Thank you again for your support. We were able to complete the Angola delegation and business meeting successfully with your help. Is it ok for me to forward your WhatsApp info to Mr xxxx of xxxx Embassy in Angola. They will have a group of guests (about 20).

— Embassy XXXX, XXXX - Delegation and Business Meetings

April 2023

Very friendly and attentive welcome. Exemplary professionalism. An unforgettable morning on safari, followed by a varied and delicious lunch to regain strength. I have already recommended it to my friends.

— Luís Malafaya, Portuguese - Kissama

April 2023

The team at EcoTur is fantastic, the trips are very well organized and full of beautiful sceneries. I not only recommend EcoTur for tourist who wants to visit Angola (it will ensure you to go straight to the interesting part, and not miss any of them) but I also recommend it for people like me living in Angola who want more out of each trip and want to have access to the hidden gems of this beautiful country.

— Bernold, France

March 2023

Very friendly and attentive welcome. Exemplary professionalism. An unforgettable morning on safari, followed by a varied and delicious lunch to regain strength. I have already recommended it to my friends.

— Luís Lima

March 2023

I thank you for the wonderful day you provided, nothing to complain or highlight. The animals were those and it's good that those are still alive and in their habitat. The professionalism of the company, Paul and Bruno offered quality and trust. Thanks to you and we will definitely see you again. Big hug

— Rosilma, Brazil

February 2023

I think it's great that Eco Tur is able to organize “Tailor Made” tours. They should publicize this element more; it always runs fantastically. Thanks !

— Ines Bianchi

February 2023

Congratulations on the success of yet another tour! It is not always easy, especially in the provinces farthest from Luanda, to have quality accommodation. Even so, and given the challenges posed, it was very good. It makes me trust that they always find the best possible solution!
Keep up the excellent work of making known the wonders of this Angola. Thank you to the entire Eco Tur team.

— Filipa, Portugal

February 2023

TOURISM WITHIN ANGOLA ! .. LUANDA - KIFANGONDO - N'ZETO - SOYO (M'PINDA PORT AND PONTA DO PADRÃO - NZAU ÉVUA CAVES - M'BANZA KONGO Taking advantage of the Carnival holidays, we went for a trip around Northern Angola. The history of Angola since its beginning ending in the wars for the taking of Luanda and consequently of power in Angola. A fascinating journey with fabulous views and enchanting natural sites... Our thanks to Eco Tur, to Paul Wesson for facilitating and to Bruno Arroteia for the safe and excellent driving along an almost motorway that lacks signs... Our stay at the "Kinwica" resort in Soyo, the crossing of the Zaire river to the end of the “Ponto da Padrão” and the night spent in Mbanza Kongo was excellent.... The company of Angolans, Portuguese, an American and a Zambian was excellent. Thank you all for the good mood and for the good times spent together. At first we didn't know each other and in the end we all ended up friends...

— Fernado Paiva, Angola

June 2022

Paul. Thanks again. You have shared a real love for Angola with me. I really appreciated getting to know something of the culture, history and ecology as well as climbing the mountains; with little known in advance about the routes, there’s an extra sense of achievement in their ascent. The camaraderie in the van was great. You’re obviously an extremely experienced and competent driver with as much endurance for driving as we have for mountains! I hope the poor vehicle, which I loved, hasn’t suffered too much. Hopefully, we will be back to do some P 1000m/ 600m peaks in future years and other peak baggers will follow our routes to Moco and Tama. An excellent trip.

— Denise, Birmingham UK - 9 days trip to Morro de Moco and Serra das Neves

June 2022

Mr. Paul! Thank you for the journey you organised. The programme was really good, and I also want to mention high professional level of Kikas. I really did enjoy fascinating Luanda City. See you next time when I’m in Angola.

— Andrei, Russia - 5 days trip

May 2022

Dear Paul. Many thanks again for driving us safely around, Angola and for your excellent organisation.

— Irma Colônia, Germany - 15 days 4×4 trip

May 2022

Dear Paul. Thanks again for a wonderful trip through Angola. We really enjoyed this trip and especially your special English humour (!)

— Edith, Germany - 15 days 4×4 trip

August 2021

Our family went on the full day Kissama Safari wth Eco Tur. A very good experience. Tour guide spoke English and we were able to see quite a few animals.

— Abdul and Family

July 2020

A wonderful company who take care of your every need – this was another one of the amazing tours we took with them, while working in Luanda. An amazing experience.

— Janette Taylor

May 2020

Republik Film Production went to Angola in early 2020 to film a segment for a documentary series. Eco-Tur was essential to the whole process from late 2019 with support and advice regarding visa requirements and assistance in dealing with bureaucracy. Once we landed in Luanda with our small team, Eco-Tur was extremely helpful, friendly and accommodating with assistance and help in terms of getting things done that needed to be done and assisting us with local support and transport. Our filming process whilst in Angola was a very positive experience mostly due to the help and assistance we got from Eco-Tur and their team. We would like to thank all the Eco Tur team and we highly recommend them and their services. Yours sincerely, Halldór Hilmisson Producer Republik Film Productions REPUBLIK FILM PRODUCTION – SÚÐARVOGUR 20 – 104 REYKJAVÍK ICELAND +354 4455555 REPUBLIK@REPUBLIK.IS

— Halldór Hilmisson, Iceland

February 2020

I would like to thanks Paul for the warm hospitality, your help and your company made the tour to Lobito-Benguela incredible. It was very well organised, a very fun adventure. I’m on a mission here in Angola and during this public holiday I got to know a little more about Angola instead of just being at the hotel and also meeting incredible people who took part in this tour. It was by far much more than 5 stars tour. Thanks and best regards Paul.

— Daniela

March 2019

Dear Paul It was a great experience working with you and Eco Tur in Luanda. You did a great job to organise the 80 pax conference at the best hotel in Luanda. Not only did u manage to fit in a tight budget accommodation for the group but also perfect follow up for a lot of on the spot requests for the conference. Thanks for your remarkable support, the conference ended up by success and everybody left Luanda very happy with the experience. I will try to promote more tours to Angola in future and be back to Angola and get know this attractive destination better !

— Masaomi Sugawara, Japan

August 2018

From the very beginning we were so happy to have chosen Eco Tur to organise our trip. They were able to provide us with a tailor made itinerary with thoughtful suggestions and sights we would never have seen had we gone on the trip without them. We had a wonderful driver Edson, who had a great relationship with all of the lodges and restaurants etc. He was always helpful and his guidance meant that we were able to make the most of the places we went, seeing some incredible sights as well as interacting with the locals. His English was outstanding, which made communicating with him easy. For us, the biggest benefit about travelling with EcoTur and having a great guide was that we felt safe at all times and were advised where it was safe to walk around and where it was best to stick to the road. The vehicle was exactly what is required of a road trip in Angola, it was a comfortable way to travel and Edson was also a skilled mechanic, which put our mind at rest when covering large distances, sometimes in more remote regions. The car was always topped up with cold drinks and thoughtfully Eco Tur had gone out of their way to provide the preferred beverages of each of the four of us on the trip. We were impressed with the choices of restaurants and were never given the chance to get hungry as food was always in generous supply, as well as being of an excellent quality. We are in the process of planning our next trip with Eco Tur already, there is so much to see in beautiful Angola!

— Catriona Froydenlund

July 2018

As a keen and passionate traveller for 35 years, l’m constantly on the lookout for new places to visit. Angola had been on my radar for some time. As soon as global governments declared it a safe travel destination I started scouring countless travel agencies and internet sites for a way to visit. Faced with continuous frustration and disappointment I finally found Paul Wesson and EcoTur.com. With rare patience and knowledge, Paul created an itinerary to meet my travel goals. He incorporated the diverse northern tropics with the desert regions in the south and worked it all into the dates I had available. They also arranged for an extra vehicle and guides to drive the fringes of the Namib Desert, through indescribable landscapes to meet some of the world’s most remote and amiable people. Arriving at any destination is always trying after long flights and transfers. From the moment we exited the airport we were in the care of the Eco Tur team. Accommodation and meals were outstanding beyond expectation and experience. Even the desert camp arrangements were detailed with our convenience in mind. Importantly, vehicles were comfortable, well maintained and reliable. Guides were always helpful and informative. If Paul could not be with us he was always only a phone call away, checking on us daily. The itinerary was only part of the help Eco Tur provided. Extraordinary lengths were taken introducing us to a new visa system and taking us through some difficult application problems. Furthermore, as our journey continued into Namibia, they took the time to introduce arrangements to assist with our border transit and onward journey. Nothing was too much trouble and all done with grace and good humour. Thank you to Eco Tur for providing a remarkable experience. I sincerely recommended Paul and Eco Tur for your Angolan travel plans.

— Stuart Anderson, Australia

July 2018

5 estrelas Eco Tur ! Muito bom! Passeio inesquecível no Kissama Park !!

— Theo Marés

June 2018

Eco Tur – Super recommended ! Committed to the work they do, Paul is always attentive and enlightening. I made the two day trip to Kalandula and a day to the Quiçama Park.

— Tamires Delfino

April 2018

Paul, good evening! Thank you very much for your professionalism. We really enjoyed the tour we took with your team whilst we were in transit in Luanda and we will certainly recommend your services.


— Paulino

March 2018

In addition to the friends I took to the day trip to Kissama and boat trip on the Kwanza River, it was well worth it for the friendships we did! The ride was very exciting, the car comfortable and we must mention the friendliness and kindness of the guide Dinis! The conviviality during the meals was excellent … we were even given champagne for being Women’s Day! Very good ! Our experience on the safari absolute fun. Although we did not see the elephants (we spent some time looking but only witnessed the footprints) we still saw themany other species of animals, …I loved the elegance of the giraffes! All in all it was excellent.Will be sure to remember much more later!

— Cely Andrade

February 2018

We did a 3 day tour to the Kalandula Falls and it was fantastic! The Eco Tur staff are amazing and the cars very comfortable for this type of trip. To be repeated certainly

— André Oliveira

December 2017

Hi Paul! I was just about to write to you, the safari trip was great! Very well organized and the group of people were really fun, thanks for the whole organization!! We had a great Sunday, and we had the chance to see a lot of animals I am definitely going to recommend it to everybody in my company.

— Maria Febles

July 2016

Having worked with EcoTur Angola for more than 10 years, I am pleased to offer an unqualified recommendation for the impeccable service provided by Paul Wesson and his team. As editor of corporate magazines for BP Angola and Sonangol (the national oil company of Angola), I have needed to travel extensively overland for photography and to gather material for editorial features. Thanks to EcoTur there are now few of its remote corners that I have not visited in comfort – and more importantly – in safety. A major on-going project has been a series of large-format calendars for BP and also a spin-off coffee table book containing unique pictures – only possible through the knowledge and tightly- planned itineraries put together by Paul which enabled me to make the maximum possible use of my limited time and budget. I found this understanding of my needs to be part of the EcoTur DNA and there was never an “impossible” demand not met, which often required getting to exactly the right location for the perfect picture angle. Paul and his organization also manage the fine-detail of the logistics and accommodation for my trips, and his relationship with the management of the many and varied places at which we have stayed always seems to assure an extra level of attention. Accordingly, I am delighted to recommend the services of EcoTur – both for an individual or group on vacation – and especially for the professional client like me, very often knowing what one wants to achieve but, in an unfamiliar environment, not quite sure how to do so. Altogether, I have travelled more than 10,000 miles criss-crossing Angola with Paul Wesson and EcoTur, delivered with a lightness of touch by someone who is clearly passionate about Angola.

— Peter Moeller

April 2016

Eco Tur Video Production In April 2016 I was handed the task of executing a corporate video production in Luanda, Angola at very short notice. This was one of the most challenging projects I have ever experienced, but also one of the most successful thanks to the services provided by Eco Tur Angola. Eco Tur went above and beyond my expectations whilst in Luanda. Not only did they provide a professional, experienced and skilled camera crew, they also provided helpful advice throughout and made my visit hassle free. Their team assisted me from the outset, from visa requirements to meet and greet at the airport and hotel, to local transport and even location scouting. Before finding Eco Tur I had planned to bring a camera crew from outside of Angola, and I’m glad I didn’t go ahead with this. Eco Tur have an essential local knowledge and understanding and I would have not got by without them. Their communication was excellent throughout our work together and they provided everything I needed for a successful trip. I was also privileged to tour the city of Luanda with Eco Tur and I would recommend every visitor to do the same. Turning around this project in such a short time span was a real challenge, but Eco Tur had all of the logistics covered, which allowed me to focus on producing a successful video. My clients are very happy with the results and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eco Tur as my first choice for video production in Angola. I would like to thank all of the Eco Tur team on behalf of myself and my clients, it has been a pleasure working with you and I hope we can collaborate again in the future. Kind Regards,

— Paul Reed - Video Producer

March 2016

I had the pleasure of travelling with EcoTur and its proprietor, Paul Wesson, during my visit to Angola in March 2016. EcoTur is a wonderful touring company. In advance of my travel, I had multiple telephone and e‐mail conversations with Paul, who diligently helped me plan a customized tour in Angola. Paul was attentive to my individual interests, which included visits to natural attractions in coastal and interior Angola. In particular, I wanted to spend considerable time at Kalandula Falls, and Paul was able to customize a trip for me that allotted substantial time at that worthwhile location, as well as the N’Dalatando Botanical Gardens, striking Pedras Negras, and the scenic mouth of the Kwanza River. Angola is not a bargain destination, but in spite of its economic challenges, Paul put together a stellar trip for me. He was also instrumental in helping me secure my Angolan travel visa, including an invitation letter personally signed by the Minister of Hotels and Tourism. Upon arriving in Angola, I was met by an EcoTur guide at the airport, who provided me with an afternoon cultural tour of the capital, Luanda. Paul himself was returning that day from another tour in the opposite corner of the country, but immediately upon his arrival that evening he made himself available to meet with me for a wonderful meet‐and‐greet dinner at a fine Luandan restaurant. I know he must have been fatigued from his long journey, and I greatly appreciated the personal effort he made to be present on the eve of my arrival. The next three days never wavered from the initial level of excellence. Paul was an enthusiastic, upbeat guide, and shared numerous interesting (some amazing) stories about his experiences in Angola. These made the road miles fall away, and I learned a great deal about the history, culture, and sights of Angola, while getting the insider’s recommendations on must‐see locations and photographic spots. My desire to stay longer at some sites made for some long evening miles between destinations, but Paul never complained, or chided me on the compromised schedule. His top priority was the needs of the customer, and I was so appreciative of his unwavering service. Impressively, when I mentioned my pie‐in‐the‐sky hope to obtain scientific data about several of the rivers we had seen, Paul got on his cell phone and was able to promptly arrange me a one‐on‐one appointment with the governmental head of water resources! Paul has extensive connections, and the impromptu meeting was an unexpected coup of my trip. I obtained scientific information, straight from the source, which would have been impossible to have gathered elsewhere. I have no doubt that my trip to Angola would not have been even fractionally as successful if I had not employed the service of EcoTur. Paul Wesson is a wonderful ambassador for the tourist sights of amazing Angola, and I am so happy to have met him and used his business—I cannot recommend them highly enough. Sincerely,

— Prof. John Keyantash

From May so till June 15th, 2016, I enjoyed a 15 day tour with Eco Tur Angola covering almost 4000 km of good and rough roads throughout Angola and most of the tourist highlights of the country. In the wee hours of the night I was picked up at Luanda airport by an Eco Tur driver who took me to Saleme guest house to catch up on some lost hours of sleep, before Willie, a South African citizen with almost two decades of experience in Angola, took charge of me for next 15 days starting with a city tour of Luanda covering all the finest viewpoints including the fortress. The following two weeks Willie took me to Southern Luanda with its Slavery Museum, the Miradouro da Lua (viewpoint picturing a supposedly lunar landscape), the Kwanza River Lodge, a cosy place run by a lovely lady from South Africa, then on to Kissama National Park for safari, the city of Porto Amboim, the waterfalls of Binga, staying overnight at Iris coffee farm, followed by the cities of Sumbe, Lobito, Catumbela and Benguela. The overnight stay at the very good Lodge Kapernbawe offered another game drive (although here game is rather limited as of yet). The city of Lubango and its environs offered a variety of spectacular views, in particular Tundavala and Serra da Leba. Thence we descended into the scenic desert city of Namibe, the beautiful oasis of Arco, reaching the southernmost point of our journey at the little fishing town of T6mbwa not very far from the Namibian border. The return trip included the former UNITA stronghold of Huambo, scenic Wako Kungo, the town of Calulo, staying overnight at Cabuta Coffee Farm to be reached only by a dirt road that probably hasn’t seen a grader in decades. Coming closer to the end of our tour, we reached the most scenic highlights of any trip to Angola: the Black Rocks (Pedras negras) at Pungo Andongo and the waterfalls of Kalandula, among the highest and largest in Africa. On the final leg back to Luanda the botanical garden in N’dalatando proved to be another rewarding place not to be missed by anybody interested in nature. I would like to express my thanks to Paul, who worked out this tour in a very professional manner. There was no need for me to correct even the slightest detail of the programme. And my special thanks must go to Willie, my driver and guide all along my tour. Willie knows the country, even its remotest angles, probably better than most Angolans themselves do. He was familiar with every city and town we visited en route. Extremely well-versed in Angolan history, politics and economy, Willie was able to portray a comprehensive picture of modern-day Angola, including its assets and challenges, and why its assets are not always used to full capacity, and why some challenges seem to be so difficult to address. Willie is the perfect connoisseur of Angolan geography and nature, being able to identify any mammal on the ground (or tree) or bird in the sky within a fraction of a second, no matter how elusive its appearance may have been. When my untrained eyes just barely noticed the fugitive presence of a feathery creature in the sky of Kissama (or anywhere else), Willie immediately identified the exact species and subspecies and explained how far it differed from another subspecies we were likely to see shortly (and actually saw within a few minutes). The same applies to the flora of the country. There wasn’t a single tree, shrub or flower that he was unable to identify and describe accurately. At Kissama Willie showed me the blossom of a baobab tree for the first time. I can certainly recommend Eco Tur to anybody who wants to take an in-depth-look at Angola, its nature and its people and who is willing to spend some money on this project. There is probably no other company in Angola matching the experience of Eco Tur relating to tour…

— Guenter Plambeck

Dear Paul I am writing to express our gratitude for the work Eco Tur did for my organization, the Japan External Trade Organization, in January and March this year. As you know, we used Eco Tur to manage our transport logistics for a Japanese business delegation to Luanda that included several courtesy visits to the cabinet members and site visits for some 25 executives over 5 days. Since our office is based in Johannesburg, we were very grateful to you and the staff at Eco Tur for providing not only excellent service during the delegation but also for the invaluable advice during the planning stage. We would happily and without hesitation recommend your services to other companies.

— Tomohisa Izuno

Eco Tur Angola has handled wonderfully well our ship’s logistically complex visits to Angola — offering great ideas, making the impossible happen, mustering all kinds of resources, and seeing that our guests have an extraordinary time. On top of that, they are easy to communicate with, fun to work with, and nice people. Angola has a lot to offer, and Eco Tur has a deep knowledge of its many facets.

— Ralph Hammelbacher - Vice President

Gorgeous! We went to beautiful places and the staff of Eco Tur are professional and nice. Recommended.

— Sonia Costa

Hi Paul I just wanted to say thanks again for organizing my recent trip in Angola, especially on such short notice. Right from the get-go, I was pleasantly surprised that you answered my call – since it was a Sunday – and amazed at all the information you provided. Super useful! I’ve travelled a lot in Africa, and it was really refreshing to deal with someone in English, who was able to answer my questions and provide lots of detail. The printed “commentary” that you provided for the tour was really interesting reading. A big plus! It was also cool how you were available on Whatsapp and that you called several times to check how the tour was going…much appreciated. Kikas was reliable and professional and took me to all the places I wanted to see. I had a great time! So many highlights…Kwanza River Lodge is a really nice place. Relaxing, beautiful, and the food was delicious! And Miradouro da Lua was beautiful. Thanks for providing a great service. I was impressed with how responsive and knowledgeable you are, and how well you know the country. I’d definitely recommend Eco Tur Angola…you guys are definitely the best (and only) choice for people who want to explore Angola…it’s a beautiful place. Keep up the great work and thanks again! 🙂 Best wishes,

— Yui

My trip to Angola with Eco Tur was an excellent eye opener to a totally new context, culture, way of life – thank you so much for making everything possible and organising it seamlessly. I do look forward to more opportunities to see more of Angola.

— Robert Davison

We arrived Japan Saturday night after long flights! Everyone really thank you for everything what you done for us. We can’t imagine an Angolan holiday without you.

We’ll be waiting for your proposed new itinerary for next year.

Kind regards,

— Kamita

Thank you very much for this fantastic experience of the 3 day trip to Kalandula Falls, Pedras Negras and Cabuta Farm. Congratulations to the agency and especially to the guides Diniz and Neto. Kind Regards

— Manuel Maximiano

Good night Paul We adore the experience of the Kalandula Falls trip, we do not even have anything negative to pinpoint. The whole experience from leaving the house to the return was optimal and we would love to to repeat in other locations in Angola with your company. Your guide Edson who accompanied us was excellent, very helpful and attentive to everything. He drove very safely even through some of the bad parts of the road. He was always available to all who, especially with our family for as were accompanied by our young daughter. With is kindness and natural sense of help made the trip much easier, for us with our small child. The trip was also very informative in all the we visited, making links to the history of all the places. Whilst it is lovely to see great landscapes, is also important to know a little about its history. We also wanted to register for the Saturday Safari to the park of the kissama, and Kwanza River 2 adults, a parentage of 2 years.

— Elaine Andrade

The Kissama Park and River Kwanza day trip safari to was wonderful. Worth every dollar invested. Start with a visit to the Miradouro da Lua, then breakfast at Kwanza Lodge followed by a boat trip on the Kwanza River, a delicious lunch where you can get to know the Angolan cuisine and finally the high point, our photographic safari in the “hunting “to the animals (herbivores only: giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, antelopes, deer, elephants the day I went did not appear) by the intricacies of the forest. The guide Edson was very kind. More details at post “TRAVEL TO ANGOLA or SMILE, YOU ARE IN AFRICA!” which you can read on the SOPA NO MELLO blog (search on Google).

— Ivo Korytowski

Eco Tur Testimonial Japanese TV filming in June 2018 It was the first time I had to arrange filming in Angola for me. I am a film coordinator in Japan and have filmed in different African countries for many years, but Angola was the country with the least information in internet and even in guide books. Added to that, I do not speak Portuguese. Despite all those disadvantages, the filming went amazingly successful. It is all thanks to Mr. Paul and his staff of Eco Tur. Before I came to Angola, Paul was answering to all my detail questions in his busy days whilst on other tours with other clients. All the requests of the arrangement I asked, he prepared them on time for my arrival. He has a vast network throughout the Angolan community, and this was so helpful. Especially in respect of the filming permits issued by the press centre, he has developed trust with them over many years. So I managed to secure it very smoothly. The drivers are all trustful and very professional (and very charming). They are very accurate with driving hours. The road in Angola was always under construction then, and it was difficult to estimate driving hours but as they always do touring in Angola, they have the most updated information of the road conditions. Once we had a tire puncture because of bad road, but they were so professional. They have all the equipment, and we needed less than half an hour to change it. Paul and his staff are very friendly too and all Japanese staff loved them and have always enjoyed lunch and dinner times. None of the other Japanese crew members spoke English well, but they had very good communication. Now what I think of Angola, is next filming there. I don’t feel any disadvantage to arrange a filming anymore but an advantage because now I know Paul and the Eco Tur staff. I really look forward to coming back to a lovely country, Angola! Kind regards,

— Manami Midorikawa - Voice Japan Inc.

Thank you Ecotur team ! I loved the tour and it was really special for me to have the opportunity to do these trips with my aunt visiting Angola. Each tour is unique with ecotur. I love that.

— Isabel Avillez

Edson was a wonderful guide: good explanation, good driver, attentive. Thank you very much for the discovery and it was a very enjoyable tour. I’m in a hurry to do other tours in the future! Restaurant was a bit dark though !

— Annabelle Escarpit

Dear Sirs, I participated in the Quissama Park visit with EcoTour, Saturday, October 28 2017. I found this trip EXCELLENT! The guide Edson arrived, as announced, at 06.00 a.m., at the Hotel Forum. I know the Americans left already before 6am and were a little frustrated to wait at the Lodge from 7am until our arrival, shortly after 8am. The boat trip was one of the truly wonderful things. We are 2.5 hours on the boat – 30 minutes more than was advertised. The atmosphere between us all – tourists and crew – was excellent!
The same thing goes for the safari inside the park. It was a great surprise that here too the departure, in search of the animals, took a little longer than announced. Wonderful that the car had an opening roof. I managed to make beautiful photographs, standing, looking through the roof of the car. I liked the viewpoint above the Kwanza River at the end!
Food and drink: both galore! So: the output was indeed wonderful and excellent. A small indication: If the guide Edson could sometimes announce more clearly what will be done, the better. Thank you very much for this EXCELLENT service, and I hope one day I will be able to participate in an excursion to Lumba, as I am a speleologist, interested especially in caves.


— Thomas Kesselring, Switzerland

We did the 3 day trip -> 3 day trip luanda kalandula falls pedras negras. It was a fantastic experience, the perfect option for those who want to get to know this beautiful country. Excellent choice of itinerary and excellent driver guides, friendly, attentive and super professional. 5 stars. Highly recommend.

— Bruno Rocha Veronese de Oliveira

I loved the safari ! Excellent service and very kind and attentive team.

— Catia Pinto

An excellent well prepared and organized company with excellent guides. Congratulations!

— Sandra Lima Oliveira

Paul- It was a wonderful three days. We had excellent drivers guides, scenery, accommodation and food. What more can could anyone ask? My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, one thing we would suggest is having maps available showing the route.

— Elroy and Mary

Eco Tur has been a great help in the planning and the execution of our documentary travel series “Meine fremde Heimat” for the Swiss National Television SRF. We should have involved them way earlier in the process, but they helped us with the filming permit and the press accreditation in the last minute. And with Willie Badenhorst we had a great guide that help us during the filming in so many ways! And if we come back to beautiful Angola we will definitively work with Eco Tur again.

— Oliver Roth – Production Manag –Swiss National Television SRF

The Kissama Safari was better than my safari experience in Kruger Park !

— Silvina & Mario Kahan

Hi traveller friends if you ever have the intention to visit Angola and the territory of Cabinda I can highly recommend Eco-tur.com. Paul is the owner of the company and he can move things for you to get a visa and he knows Angola very well. Plus his people they are very knowledgable and they respect the time schedule. Best regards

— Bruno Rodi

A Kissama Safari with Eco Tur ! One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, I mean I’m struck with how beautiful my country is, I’m speechless really. Thank you @ecoturangola and I can’t wait for what’s still to come..

— Nuelma Sophia Martins

Dear Paul, Just a note to share the excellent trip that we made and that we count once again with the professionalism and the affection of your guide Diniz! You surpass our expectations on every trip! I take the opportunity to send some photos! Thank you very much!

— Auxiliadora Bezerra

As series producer of Africa’s Great Civilzations, a landmark history series for US broadcaster, PBS, I had to set up filming all across the African continent. Angola was a key location for our series and we relied heavily on Paul’s expertise and deep understanding of Angolan culture and bureaucracy to facilitate our filming.

The filming was a success and throughout our stay in Angola we felt secure, welcome and appreciated by Paul and his team as well as all we met in Luanda and Mbanza Congo.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul and Eco Tur for anyone wishing to film in Angola.

— Graeme Hart - Series Producer

An excellent day with excellent wildlife spotting. The food exceeded my expectations, great quality and choice of food given location, excellent value for money. Would definitely recommend this trip !

— George« Dickson

We spent 18 days travelling around Angola with Paul and Edson of Eco Tur. We’ve been coming to Angola for more than a decade, and know well how difficult it can be, and how disorganised hotels often are. Paul and Edson were not only a pleasure to travel with, but went out of their way to make all our guests feel very comfortable and welcome. They got us through with minimum amount of hassle, and kept on top of hotel staff to make sure we got the best service possible. Nothing was too much hassle. I look forward to working with the Eco Tur team in the future and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Please contact us on if we can give you any more details of this. Yours sincerely,

— Dr. Callan Cohen - Director

Dear Paul, I have been back home here in Australia for several weeks now and am just starting to review my photos and go over the recent trip that I thoroughly enjoyed with you. I found that your local knowledge and experience in Angola was the essential ingredient in making my trip an amazing experience. Throughout the entire trip you made every effort to make sure that we achieved everything we possibly had planned for. This was an incredible achievement based on having only just under 3 weeks that we had in Angola. Your superb organizational skills enabled us to make the best use of our time at all times. In fact, if time permits, I would consider yet another trip with you as there is so much to see and experience in Angola. It is also important to mention that all of the restaurants, hotels and guest- houses that you organized were all an excellent choice to ensure that we always had great food and comfortable accommodation. I would have no reservation in recommending your services at Eco Tur to anyone who wants to see the best of Angola. Sincerely yours,

— Bob Nelson

Very good communication. Everything went as planned. Made maximum effort to show us all types of animals in the park even when this required extreme offroading. Very good value for money trip. Hard to understand how it can be profitable to run. A long trip !

— Lindsay Dawes