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To many people, Angola consists just of Luanda or maybe one of the other principle cities or towns. The war which ravaged our country and people until very recently has meant that travel outside of urban areas was all but impossible. Today however, it is probably one of the safest African countries to travel around.

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March 2023

Very friendly and attentive welcome. Exemplary professionalism. An unforgettable morning on safari, followed by a varied and delicious lunch to regain strength. I have already recommended it to my friends.

— Luís Lima

February 2023

I think it's great that Eco Tur is able to organize “Tailor Made” tours. They should publicize this element more; it always runs fantastically. Thanks !

— Ines Bianchi

May 2022

Dear Paul. Thanks again for a wonderful trip through Angola. We really enjoyed this trip and especially your special English humour (!)

— Edith, Germany - 15 days 4×4 trip